My Perfect Guy

This guy is fucking perfect.
He's an angel and my Irish man. This is Neil!

Perfect guys who are miles from me. It's my pleasure, who understands me?


well... this is my inspiration of the kind of relationship i want with my boyfriend which its just perfect, but now we are in difficult moment because the distance, we're in differents countries, and it really hurt me as hell, but hey here we are, fighting for it, cause we love each other, a lot. And when I look to these pictures, i just see us, as we are, perfect.
I love you so much, and I hope you guys enjoy this as much as I do.💗

this is my "hot" collection ahahah

My dream is to mix all of this guys and get the perfect ultimate mix...

He may be your nothing, But he's my everything,He's my perfect, He my future and past, He's my soulmate
He my one and only
I love him


@alliwantiscabelloandgrier When you're ready come & get it na na na na  


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