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Let each image transport you to a state of imagination. This collection of hearts are perfect for writers & dreamers alike. My aesthetic style for this collection is as realistic as surreal can get. I do not own the images used in this collection, nor have I uploaded them. Please be sure to check out the original owners of these stunning photographs if possible. Thank you. Happy dreaming~

For lovers❤of photographs📷and specials🌟🌟 are my own group
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this is everything about Nirvana Williams in photographs (character from my book, "Flying Ship".)
Nirvana grew up in Denver. Seems nice, but it wasn't, at all. It was in one of the worst neighborhoods there has ever existed. Her mom was abused by her father, and her father is now in jail.
She falls in love with Marcus Gray, but something in her, can't have him. She is battling her own dark secrets, that may cause her life.

I'll be uploading my own photos here, hope you like them 😉

Things I wish to photograph someday & some photographs of my own.

my own photographs