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This has all of the things that have inspired me (movies, musicals, music, people, etc.). I just didn't want to start a new collection for them and I'm so sorry for anyone who follows this bc it's so hard to find anything. Also, this one's pretty similar to some of the stuff in "create yourself" ( I'd follow both bc it's just easier tbh). This has some interesting quotes and bookish things too.

"Someday I want to inspire just like they inspired me"

Inspired by the muses.
Megara's daughter.
Red wine/purple.

listen music and be inspired 🌻

||inspired of Suga//Min Yoongi// BTS|| Suga girlfriend||•You're a famous model who enjoys sharing photos in Instagram. You're dating with a very famous artist in secret, everyone know that, but not who he is.•

•Age; 24// bf; 25
•Hobby; Take pictures of your boyfriend, daily life and everything//listening music 24/7 (almost).
•Style; Don't have an specific style. Everything it's okay.

god of light, art and music • inspired by aqueenofokay's neverland and noobsomeexagerjunk's fomc: ragged insomnia - brycemcquaid




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@Coliperez Instruments that inspired the soul