Modern Work

Morpheus is in the legs that fall asleep and the eyes you can’t keep open, and the endless cups off coffee that didn’t work, caffeine immunity creeping in. He’s the sand in your eyes the day after an allnighter, coaxing you to pause, letting you know the world can wait a few hours. In the vivid daydreams and dizzy thoughts that conjure themselves into vision even when you don’t close your eyes. He’s the sudden smells that take you back a decade and are gone as quickly as they come.

Hebe still in high school, and happens to be one of the more popular kids. Hebe has Peter Pan syndrome, as responsibility and adulthood scare her, so her grades suffer for this reason. However, being who her father is, Hebe already has a future set out for her. As work experience, she is a barista at Starbucks during the summers, but the rest of the year during weekends, she is a coffee courier for the people who work at her father’s building.

"The only way to get what you want is through hard work"

Princess Tiana of Maldonia | Disney Aesthetic

'The only way to get what you want in this world is through hard work.'

- disney

This is the collection about one man, who change the vision of the work, of the women of the world.

My favorite movie it's:
Modern Times because Charlie denounce the assembly-line work.

He was change the cinema with his movies.

A contemporary newcomer on Aspen’s legendary Park Avenue, this gracious home radiates a warmly modern urbanity. With a stunning site that commands some of the best views in the entire valley, we worked to harmonize a profound respect for the setting with the needs of busy, complex lives.

The balance is subtly evident in sophisticated details like the dark walnut floors that contrast and yet complement with the museum-style floating white walls.