Miss World

| The Banshee |
My voice is just a whisper, louder than the screams you hear
"I wouldn't have missed you for the world."
I don't need a therapist, I need an exorcist

A universe full of style and fashion for all the wonderful girls of the world.


Um universo cheio de estilo e moda para todas as garotas maravilhosas do mundo.

세상의 모든 멋진 여자로 스타일과 패션으로 가득 찬 우주

Friends are one of the most important things in the world. The are always by your site no matter what
They always listen to your problems
You can tell them everything without beeing afraid or anything ...

Besides ... i miss my bestie:(

A mysterious girl who seems to know everything about Twilight Black and Chimidoro Red. Often seen in the Grey World and the Asylum's Landscape, she's the only person that Twilight seems to hate.
She have the power to grant wishes, as long as you pay the price she require.

It's time to get to know the world around you, if you wait, you might miss it.

Cold, distant but warm inside, Stef is Kate's best friend until she learns how to see the " Grey World " through Artemis' eyes. Influenced by " miss Sunshine " and her past memories, she push all of her friends away in hope to stay sane and in security.
But the loneliness give her panic attacks and suicidal thoughts. Thinking that Kate is the source of her diseases, she'll blame her and harm her.
After the Black Summer's events, she integrate the rebellion against Umbra to save her friend.


@uitv Twenty-year-old Virag Koroknyai, winner of the Miss World Hungary beauty contest, reacts after her victory in Budapest, Hungary on June 2017. Koroknyai will represent Hungary at the final of Miss World 2017 in China.