Metamorphmagus • alternative • fun • the most open minded • takes no shit • enthusiastic • clumsy

house: Hufflepuff

vic potter ; original redhead ; quidditch player; metamorphmagus ; crazy but cute ; gryffindor

love interest: george weasley
godfather: remus lupin
patronus: acromantula

metamorphmagus • soft boy • baby blue • baby pink • fuck gender norms

house: hufflepuff

Aes: Nymphadora Tonks, married with Remus Lupin (Remadora, Ronks), Hufflepuff, metamorphmagus

Slytherin || Twin of Sol || Metamorphmagus

Gryffindor | Next Generation | Daughter of Draco Malfoy | Metamorphmagus

Marvel Annika
Marvel Annika

@marvelannika Teddy Lupin aesthetic