Mei Mei

hufflepuff house 🌞 twin sister of mia hart and plays the violin

One of my fav K-Pop girl groups! WJSN FIGHTING!

❥ Cσѕмιc Gιяℓѕ (WJSN)
ू bias; soobin & seola
ू bias wrecker; mei qi
ू fav songs; good night, babyface, i wish ballad version, i wish, secret, perfect and say yes

"i'm a babyface"「♡」

griffindor house 🦁twin sister of mei hart and loves to bake

/ sukitte ii na yo / say i love you /

First anime I ever watched so it holds a special place in my heart okay like I love it so much so cute


@zemiiii Another - Mei Misaki Have a good day c: