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Becca Coddington; early twenties. french. moved to wales at a young age. has five siblings. biracial. in an on and off relationship with an american boy named jordan. best friends with katie arbeit. punk rock as fuck. math genius. singer for wrockonic.

Personal aesthetic: Scarlet Grace "Gracie" Cormeum

1999 | april  8 | brown hair | younger brother | nature | blue | bad at math | knows what she wants | funny | adventures | loves traveling

A "real woman" does whatever the f**k she wants
If you don't hurt anyone, idk...
∗ be the doctor, not the nurse
∗ be the boss, not the secretary
∗ be good at math(s)
∗ play sports and video games
∗ be the hero, not the "damsel in distress"
∗ have short hair
∗ kiss whoever you want
∗ drive well
∗ be a stereotype
.... or just don't - it's yout choice, as long as you're a good person

Everything has a relationship with math and science - lights, shapes - and it's beautiful

queen bee, math genius. asthmatic grace who thinks she's punk enough to have friends.

[girl best friend of savannah walker]

What is love? In math, it's a problem. In history, it's a battle. In science, it's a reaction. But in my heart, it's you


@VampPrincessx Eleven fingers  


@oumniaassel Stop forcing me to do things I cannot do  


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@JellyBeanIsMe Day 1 of Preliminaries is over. Time to study for day 2 😛