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but a memory, a memory, can make a flower bloom.

I love summer, the beach, and exploring new places. My favorite places to travel to are Italia and France:) I wanted to match this collection with my memories from all the places I've been to in Summer.
I want to make this collection a little paradise for everyone✨🌅

Redfox in my fantasies story : The Four Queens, The Red Manor (game) and Utopia.
Really more gloomy than the regular " Redfox " and separated from Chimidoro Red. She's haunted by the memories of her friends that left her alone, driving her to slowly erase the world. The biterness in her heart make her a lonely person who push everyone away.

Stuff to do for once u and I to explore..make memories and do amazing things

I love you. you're my therapy when Im sad. you punch me smile in the face. You make me so happppy. too much memories FLANDA. ♥ été 2k16.


@_smiley_x The best part of your lifetime will be the small, nameless moments you spend smiling with someone who matters to you.  


@klochkova_tanya99 Черно-белые бывают не только фильмы  


@_adrianaxyz Life was meant for good friends and great adventures !