Lucia Park// They keep calling me their savior but I can't even save myself

god sent you to me as a present,
you're my family; you will stay forever.

Queen of the North Sea, lover of blue. {Taurus}

El mayor error del hombre es pensar que todo tiene una solución. El mayor acierto del hombre, es hacer lo imposible algo realidad.

Also known as Lightbringer or The Liberator. Idealistic superhero with the ability to create light. The world seems hellbent on making her suffer.

just peachy ;
just peachy ;

@hellosofy ♪ oh,her eyes, her eyes make the stars look like they're not shinin' ♪  


@LadeeKiki Photograph of Stella Lucia by Sharif Hamza, hair by Sam McKnight, styled by Melissa Levy