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Kiss me hard before you go.

In our journey to find love, we might step across a few who don't last. And thats alright. But from the bottom of my heart, I'm asking you to make sure every "I love you", "I miss you" and every kiss you gave, was honest and sincere. Felt by every vein, from the deepest of your heart. Think about how fragile a person is, when in love. Don't take advantage of that. Leave traces, not open wounds. Let them still find the love they deserve. Even if that excludes you. - Journey and seeking of love.

Or maybe not. Who knows.

Couple goals, as well as gorgeous fellas

• very romantic
•always taking you out and buying you flowers
• cooking up new recipes together
• wearing his oversized sweaters
• loves to tease you when his food taste better
• corny jokes all the time
•random kisses blown at you
• he loves when you massage his shoulders
•matching hats
" You're the chocolate to my chip y/n"

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