Love Is Mean

My best friends make my life more special

Haveing best frends is on of the most imported thinks in this life .We all know that it is never easy to find a friend but when you find it you must never lose it for any reason in this world
Becaus a best friend is always there with you in you'r sad moments , in you'r most crazy days , it is always there to support your decisions...
That's what haveing a Best Friend mean..

"the reckless"
a tough girl with an angry exterior, comes from a broken home, crass, funny & sometimes mean, but underneath she has a good heart, can be bossy and conceited at times, fancies herself as an outcast with a dark personality who doesn't care about anything, which is only half true, loves dogs and wants to rescue as many dogs as possible

What red means to me? I'm infatuated with Red. The color can mean many things, it is versatile in many ways;lust,romance,love,roses,sensuality;anger,angst,blood,and hatred.

sekaiichi hatsukoi

The whole 'we used to date and then meet again years later after we break up' trope is one of my favorite types of love stories and this delivered omg. I mean I could do without the just kissing and stuff without asking but overall super cheesy and I live for cheesy stuff so yeah

Side note: so apparently this is somehow connected to junjou romantica or something maybe idk but sorry nope never watching that

love stage

I love this plot. I mean ngl there are things I don't like but overall I enjoyed it so yeah good anime I had fun with it

Ok we're all lonely souls looking for the "one" but in the mean time why not follow my collection that's full of "couple goals" pictures that will make you wish you had a bf or maybe you already have one but you just can't help how cute these pictures really are


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Amber Lynn
Amber Lynn

@ambitchh13 I love you to the death star and back 🌙