Love Bites

love at first bite

Cute, but psycho. Don't let the cuteness fool you. Craziness is her superpower. Love Bites.

• takes you to antique stores
• coffee dates
• loves it when you lay on-top of him and just talk
•plays with your hair
• light kisses and loves holding you're hand.
•bites his lips to seduce you
• long and optimistic talks about anything
• loves to make you laugh by being extra clumsy
• takes pictures of ootd

'and if in the moment, i bite my lip'
theme; fresh blue, sea feed

All of this world's love can fit into one good pizza bite... but let's pretend we also eat healthy from time to time. 🙈🍕🍎


@sunnyamistad when Xaio Nai gives bei wei wei lovebites