Look Fine

Since my diagnosis it's been years now but I've lost the ability to dream. I don't pass the sleep cycle. This collection allows me to just daydream for a bit. My mind was always so busy. I had a very demanding, hard job. I didn't even have a Facebook nor did I care! Now look, I'm daydreaming on WHI with you fine folks. Holy shit, Titanic moment! 🤓💋💘

You don't need a lot of makeup to look beautiful. Natural beauty is always prettier than makeup. You don't need a large collection of makeup. A small collection is just fine. 😘

whispered something in your ear,
it was a perverted thing to say
but i said it anyway
made you smile and look away
nothing's gonna hurt you baby,
as long as you're with me you'll be just fine

We all want them as our boyfriends, so we look how many years we're apart. 10 years? Lol, I don't care, gimme that fine boy.

If my wardrobe looked like this, I'd be just fine in life to be honest.

GIRLS GIRLS GIRLS!!! Be the best you can be. If that means you are skinny that's fine, and if that means you have a little fat, that's fine as well!! Size does not define beauty, beauty is defined by character! Beauty is defined by the way you are, not the way you look. Never be insecure about your looks or size!! I'd just like to appreciate the HEALTHY, SPORTY girls here. They sure take a lot of effort to look that way, and as women we should appreciate each other instead of be jealous! ❤️


@ninjaz_katz You Are BEAUTIFUL Just The Way You Are Now, You Don't Need A Mirror To Show You That nor Do You Need Anyone To Prove It.