Look Back

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quote back never look back

"And for once, I didn't look back." 🙇🏻🌊

percy jackson / heroes of olympus ~ book aesthetics (just hit one thousand hearts in this collection ❤️😁)

Remember the important things, the little things, and the things that effing matter to you.

purple seems to have a soul, when you look at it, it's looking back at you.

I got miles and miles to go before I sleep. Oh, before I can feel anything, before I'm free. Wind blows, covers every single track; If I wanted to, I couldn't go back.

dalish mage / drama queen knight enchanter / inquisition wild card / blackwall romance / wants to run off into the hills with her beardy boyfriend and never look back

I want to look back and remember the beautiful times in my life with the beautiful people who were around me.

Based on my Sagittarius boyfriend

Ernesto was a boy born with curiosity , he wandered a lot and eventually got lost in the forest of his own mind, he wanted to know everything and looked for the explanation of the universe, life and existence , his old soul made him fall in love with history, and trapped himself in a never ending spiral of knowledge from which he couldn't scape he cried every night and asked the moon for answers yet she never answered back


@rayxrayy We travel not to escape life, but for life not to escape us.  


@daphnevargas_1 triste realidad. -🌻  


@sweetielittlejean Rip out his ego with your fresh nails ✨  

ariana grande

@ShannonBradford Don't look back in anger 💗