Little Camera

Hey everyone !!!! We heart it is such a lovely little community and I'm so happy to be a part of it. So this little collection is super special to me because it is me... Sharing my own personal collections of pictures that I have taken. So I really hope you guys enjoy xoxo ash

a smile a day keeps the love coming his way. // a sick beat-maker & no bullshit taker. he is always embarrassed by his hyungs and tries to act cool, but all in all we know he's a sweet and warm-hearted loveable little man who is a never-ending meme. to min yoongi, here's yours! a collection of smiles from the eternal reign of agust d. ❃ // all photos here are from my camera roll; for other members check my profile.

I love these little cameras 😻

computer internet video camera

Little collection of "Silhouette". See my "Hearts" for more.

a little work of art


Cute camera graphic top ***