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consists mostly of idols i dont have seperate collections for since im too lazy

Random pictures that I love but don't have a collection atm to put them in, I will be added them to my future collections // also sometimes I'm so lazy to add pictures to my actual collection so I'll just add them here instead for later😂

Kenny. 17, and wishes she were someone else. A witch. Lazy. Loves art and being warm. Probably wishes she were sleeping. Loves plants and hates rainy days.

Husband 💕
Everything Min Yoongi !
Latest Pic's and More 💕
Reasons to love him: Hardworking, Multi-talented, Genius, Handsome Af, Funny Af, I'm a sucker for his jokes and his unique personality
"I really like things I like but really dislike things
that I don’t like, although I normally like lazing
around, I’m not lazy on things that I enjoy, I usually
confront someone instead of talking about it behind their backs.”

This is a random collection, I added some random pictures here because I'm too lazy to make different collections! 😂 #follow♡ I love you all , thank you so much for all the support! ♡♡♡♡☆☆☆☆

All seasons are welcomed in this collection! Inspiration for both warm, hot, chilly and cold weather. Fashpiration here! I love warm sweaters, cute skirts, cool tees, minimalism and also all the colours.
A mixture of girly, floral, modern, hipster, lazy and fun.


@anamarija_cerjak Love and play💞💞  


@stephaniie_salas Morning  


@elena_verrier Le Yig et le Yang !