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Life in the country, from the edge of the suburbs to the rarely seen depths of rural America. The American countryside - farms, barns, farm animals, pastures, fields, meadows, woods, trails, paths, dirt roads, back roads, ponds, streams, lakes, mountains, valleys, the forests, small-town life and our rural landscape.

》The Murderer Of Farrow Lake

Hardin Knox | 18 [alive]

Hardin is Landon's all life best friend. He was in love with Santana Muñez since kids. Sarcastic and sassy but really loyal and a good friend. Soccer and skater. Smart and curious hacker always trying to figure it out everything. In love with puppies

In a relationship with Santana Muñez - heterosexual

One of my favorite collections too!
Exotic Islands, High Mountains, Big Forests, Lakes, Road Trips, Hiking, Waterfalls, Camping, Maps, Trains, Sunsets, Friends, Trees, Animals, Friends, Bridges...

I wanna live a life full of adventures. ⛺

There was only one person who could melt the cold heart of the Prince.

The stable boy with the ink black hair...
Whose green eyes were rimmed with gold and shone with ambition and life. Whose name was forgotten by the world.

The stable boy who lived in the house by the lake and worked in the royal stables.

The stable boy who the Prince loved.

But death could not be stopped...

And the stable boy's eyes no longer shone...

And the Prince's heart turned cold forever.

(Snippet by me)

I'm gonna make a line of aesthetics that r like...the life of this daughter of a noblewoman who gets lost in the forest and drowns in a lake. Most of its gonna be forest-centric, but there'll be some aesthetics nodding to her fancy noble life as well. A lot of the story's up in the air right now

Water is life || Ocean, Sea, Pool, Lake, Rivers 🐚🦀🌺🌴🐳🌸🐢🐠🐬🐙🌊🏊🏄🚿🏖🏝🏞⛱🛳🌧❄💧💙


@kenzie_jo_b Lake life is the best life  


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@blueeyes1999 Climbing trees and swimming are a couple of the best things you could ask for.  


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Eloise & I
Eloise & I

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@remotelyremoved lake life...can't get any calmer with this view