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I hope you find some inspiration here and I really hope i can help you to fall in love with your life and to be happy. I know life is not always like a fairytale but i want you to see everything positive and that every pain and hurt you are feeling right now will be over and won't matter in a few days,weeks,months,years..

I named this collection everything because there are so many beautiful pictures that I found in it. I feel inspired by every single one of those pictures and I don't know how to express this in just one word, this word being the name of this collection.

Did you know: The comic book character Green Lantern was afraid of the color yellow.
"The only people for me are the mad ones: the ones who are mad to live, mad to talk, mad to be saved, desirous of everything at the same time, the ones who... burn, burn, burn like fabulous yellow Roman candles." by Jack Kerouac

Being a fan of kpop is not easy. Especially the part of buying merchandise and albums, where a dream of having everything that is official or not , its out of my league. So let's drool in the photos and any store that sells these wonders, sponsor me pleaseee 😢😉😂😂-jk,buttt u know I'm open for offers-

Everything I wish I could, had courage, to say. Things I know you like.. Everything about you and the love that'll carry on even if yours doesn't.

Why we need to know everything about everyone

Princess of darkness
Princess of darkness

@Caroline_154faria Google  


@SweetWarmBlanket It's so loud that the one who is doing through it wishes if they could break it and let it all out.  


@SweetWarmBlanket I saw everything that you tried to hide, but I stayed quiet for a reason.  


@SweetWarmBlanket Never argue with someone who believe in their own lies. Just be quiet while they keep on talking  


@TheDayDreamer_1976_40 ALLAN WATTS QUOTES; QUOTES;  


@SweetWarmBlanket I wonder what you think then  


@SweetWarmBlanket I saw everything you thought you successful kept hidden.  


@SweetWarmBlanket That's where they are mistaken, they think I don't know about it when I already do.  

Disco Mermaid
Disco Mermaid

@i_luv_u_wid_all_my_butt I can attest with personal knowledge that is this exactly how counseling works with INTJs: