Kim Go Eun

I just wanna live with them 😍😍😍

Kim Shin (Gong Yoo) is a goblin and protector of souls. He lives with an amnesiac grim reaper (Lee Dong-wook) who is in charge of taking deceased souls. Shin doesn't want immortality anymore, but needs a human bride in order to end his long life. Meanwhile, Ji Eun-tak (Kim Go-eun) is a high school student who despite her painful reality, remains optimistic. She summons the goblin by chance and through various encounters, ended up falling in love with him.

Wishing,, will you hear it? Let's blow this flame...
the sweetest and heart aching and beautiful yet sad Korean drama I have ever LOVED a mysterious story line and heartbreaking soundtrack and the tale of the characters... of wishes and dreams... of love and fate... life and death ...

El mejor kdrama hasta ahora y el no.1 en mis favoritos! 😍❤🙊


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