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katy perry taylor katy perry demi

A (literal) band of OCs. Eight of my favorite characters only I know about; Alex, Charlie, Danny, Katie, Toby, Hana, Becca, Will.

Roxanne Katie Weasley; Gryffindor, troublemaker, Beater. Bisexual. Loves Lysander Scamander and Quidditch. Does ballet. Believes dogs are better than (most) people. Daughter of George and Angelina. Younger sister to Fred.

She's just adorable, I can't resist ❤️😍

pidge gunderson aka katie holt aka the green paladin aka defender of the universe

voltron legendary defenders - character aes: pidge gunderson / katie holt

“ i can't man up...i'm a girl ”

Nile hope
powers : fireproof - fire powers
wings type: phoenix wings
fanfiction : wings and metal by Katie gibbs


@penguinpeluche Calum in Vegas with a fan, 7/24/2017 💫