Just Couple Things

Just a cute little things i like:))

سكنتَ بداخلي حُبّاً وطَوعاً
وكنتَ الشمسَ في نجمِ البريّةْ
يرونكَ واحداً وأراكَ جمعاً
إذا تأتي كَفَيْتَ عن البقيّةْ 💫

I always believed that nothing is my favourite.
Everyday I get up with new favourite things.
Sometimes I'm addicted to coffee and I think it's my favourite and the next day I find it bitter.
Someday I'd like to be in a place full of people and music, the other I just sit by myself and it feels wonderful.

Until I met you.
I got the only constant favourite thing on my list.

Aww! Love doesn't care about age, size,sexuality or just how good you look. Remember, someone out there is waiting for you.

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@blondybri4 Treat him/her like a prince/princess everyday!💕  


@blondybri4 You should do this to that special someone!🌟  


@blondybri4 You know he loves you if he lets you near him while he's playing a video game😂  


@blondybri4 You give me the craziest butterflies.......  


@blondybri4 Wanting To Spend Every Second Of Every Day Together💕