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Daily Updated with Rihanna to bless your life and snatch your wigs. Follow for the journey and the slayness this collection will bring it you.

Know who you are. Know what you want. Know what you deserve. And don't settle for less.


we walk with the rising sun

Nothing on earth can love you as much as god, you're his masterpiece for all that you've done he loves you so very much. With the journey of my life so far with poetry, watching movies, art, Christianity, all that shaped me. Who will I become? Is it worth all the troble to see my true self? Who knows, love yourself, spread love everywhere you go, and most importantly find who you are. Maybe the journey is worth much time, find that out.

Maybe there's only a dark road up ahead. But you still have to believe and keep going. Believe that the stars will light your path, even a little bit. Come on, let's go on a journey!- Kaori

before you embark on a journey of revenge, dig two graves.


@IAmWhatIAm_slide11 Don't let fear close doors that can be opened  


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@roases come on, let's go on a journey