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Welcome to the only underground Supernatural Black Market in the world. Here you will find a collection of: Grimoires, Early Scrolls, Potions and Elixers, Ancient Artifacts from around the world, Weaponry, Jewels, Gems, Rare Plants, Rare Bones, Rare Creatures, Human Slaves, Assortment of Creature Blood, Anything and Everything can be found here for your Supernatural needs. A market filled with unsavory characters.Keep your head low, keep your business quick; for danger lurks every corner.

Lorene moderne is one of a kind Jewel. She's hipster and hippie at the same time. She's smart and interesting with herself

Birthday:May 11
Characteristics: sweet, funny, and intellectual
College:University of Virginia

Closet goals!

It goes from classy gowns to street style and ripped jeans to work outfits to hijab outfits.

It inspires me to create new looks and outfits to make them less boring, i mean life is too short to wear boring clothes right?

+ makeup, hairstyles, jewels, bags, and shoes...

Fashion,trends, shoes, clothes, jewels and more

jewel fashion // mom jeans // yellows // paint // bambi // vintage // roses // t shirts //


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