Jenna Coleman

The Tv series about the life of the Queen Victoria of the channel itv
Vicbert( Victoria + Albert)

~I wouldn't exactly define myself a whovian and yet its only seasons I've ever, truly, watched in their lenghts have been those with clara oswald. not only I love her character and adore jenna coleman, but I see myself really similar to her as a person, beyond our similar clothing choices and appearances. since I've adored this character to pieces and have been inspired by her in multiple occasions, I thought to open a collection just in her honour~

Jenna-Louise Coleman
27th April 1986
Blackpool, England

Legends are stories that are never entirely believed...

doctor who

@basimmh33 ابسط طريقة للشعور بالنعمة هي أن تغمض عينيك لمدة دقيقة وتفكر في أولئك الذين لم يجدوا فرصة لفتحها أبداً 🙊 هدوء فتاة