Islands Of Adventure

Exotic, beautiful places around the world (mostly near by the sea) in which I'm dyyying to spend some time. Why don't you guys join me in this adventure?? Let's just do it! 
Cuba, Thailand, Dominican Republic, Cancun, Caribean Islands... (for Brazilian destinations exclusively, check my Living Brasil collection).

• Travel as much as you can, as far as you can.
Life is not meant to be lived one place •

"I would like to leave this city
This old town don't smell too pretty and
I can feel the warning signs running around my mind
And when I leave this island
I book myself into a soul asylum
I can feel the warning signs running around my mind"
- Half The World Away

My last summer traveling adventure with EF Malta. Best time and pictures of my life!    2014

it's just that incurable summer nostalgia. pics that remind me of summer fun and adventures. this collection is more focused on the memories and fun times with friends more so than the island feel of my tropical collection x

summer fever running through me. (this collection is more so for the island vibe-y type pics, less so the adventure and memories pics in my other summer collection x)


@anne_2699 C o u p l e  


@leowh123 Universal's Islands of Adventure, Orlando, Orange county, Florida, USA. The name of the roller coaster is The Incredible Hulk.  


@hrmassacr Sunset over Universal Orlando Resort.  

H.R. Massacr
H.R. Massacr

@hrmassacr Adventure is out there. ⚡️✨  

H.R. Massacr
H.R. Massacr

@hrmassacr Spending New Years Day at Universal Orlando! | 1.1.17