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Jordyn Faatinah is a highly intelligent Muslim girl that has worked for the governments hacking system and she has cracked many codes in her life

Age: 16
Birthday: November 16
Characteristics: nice, gentle, and polite
College: Stanford University

Tony Taki Campbell-Williams is a very prankster type of gyal. She seeks revenge in everyone and everything. She's highly intelligent in blueprints and also super funny

Birthday:September 13
Characteristics:Sweet, humble, and a Fighter
College: Princeton University

Strong Gorgeous Bad ass Hearless Cold Charming Seductive Intelligent Goddess Evil The Best

A girl as beautiful and pure on the outside as she is on the inside. Loved by nearly all, she is kind, compassionate, intelligent, mature, and elegant. As a brilliant witch of New Salem, she is one of the three leaders of her coven. She holds power over the stars and planets, and has an affinity in geokinesis.
Her interests include painting, languages, astronomy, greek mythology, and the violin.
Among the female witches, she represents the goddess Diana.

Based on the books.

A mean-spirited girl who's known no consequences for her actions. She hails from a long line of pure-blooded Japanese witches & wizards. She's clever, snarky, rebellious, intelligent, sarcastic, and adventurous. With an attitude and wit as sharp as her mascara, she's a popular girl among the Slytherins.
Her interests include quidditch, potions, and cats.
She is bisexual.

Based on the books; canon-divergent.

Independent, intelligent and strong women. 


@ana63m34 Girl Power 👑 inspiration 💞 motivation 💖  


@sweetiekill7 I want some guys to think like that For a better World.  


@G1rlYouDontKnow intelligence is one thing, character is another. if you dont have any character, your intelligence is meaningless. so if people call you "stupid" or "idiot" or watever mean comments about your intelligence, just know that your heart is a lot more importan  


@legacyynight 'ι ℓσνє уσυ αη∂ נσηηу αη∂ мσм мσяє тнαη ι єνєя кηєω, ѕσ ℓєт мє gσ ιη αη∂ ѕαу gσσ∂вує ωнιℓє ι ѕтιℓℓ нανє тнє ηєяνє.' -Miranda Evans, Life as We Knew it.  


@Aleksandertw Free Logic and intelligence games – 10×10