Pisces. Huffledor. 4 teen. Insecure. Dreamer. Lover of astronomy and the woods. Writer. Overthinker. Sensitive. Stubborn.

orange, a color of liberation from the pains of hurtful love and inner insecurities

"I dont fall slow like I used to I fall straight down"

feelings: happy, sad, empty, pained, hurt, confused, anxious, panic, delighted, loved, touched, insecure, lost, free, etc...

whatever it is, you'll find your mood here anyway.

I have created this collection with deep caution as to those who find it I know can be triggered. This was made to give a bit of respect and relatable tone to those who struggle with depression, anxiety, suicide, self-harm, stress, or insecurities of any kind. But at the end of the day, I'm here to say, I love you and you're not alone. Thank you for reading this, have a wonderful day :)

Music is my safe haven. Saves me from the crazy thoughts in my head. My anxiety, depression, insecurities, the whole package. I was always told it was wrong or strange to trust music more than people. But the really fucked up thing is the lack of people you can actually trust in this world. Music is the only true best friend I've ever had. Only thing I could count on. Always will be. Thank you.<3

Orange is a cølør of Liberatiøn, frøm the pains øf hurtful løve and inner insecurities. Tø "Channel Ørange" is tø truly be free, tø be yøu.


@charmaineljr I've never liked my body. For a Chinese, my body type is considered fat and my family is sure to remind that I am. But nowadays, I have come to accept my body as it is and hope everyone else does too 💕  

little girl
little girl

@pessimiststyles a quiet girl with a loud mind...