Story about the end of the world, politics, mutated vampiric creatures and half angel half demon, emotional boy who can cause true apocalypse from Revelation.
"There's something bizarre about you. It's evil, dark, worse than me, but divine as well. It stinks like that imaginary Heaven and Hell of yours, and it's a bad sign...but maybe this is what lures me to you, how do you think, Edmund?"

My imaginary shoe closet that I will never be able to afford 🤗

✨ the things that I flaunt in my imaginary world ✨

I love Fantastic so much 😍 - Unicorns, demons, imaginary worlds, fanart, ...


@WonderLoki Niels Schneider - Les Amours Imaginaires  


@balancayael alice in wonderland tim burton gif - Disney ❤