I Want To Breathe

Gray is both still and emotionless, gray is strong and steady, making a feeling of cool and self- restraint, and alleviates you from a riotous world. For some it doesn't invigorate, empower, revive or energize. Gray can look moderate, exhausting, dull and discouraging. But at the same time it looks exquisite and formal. I go into my gray area when I want to stop viewing, hearing, and responding. Sometimes I need the space of Gray to breathe, to forgive myself, and become a better version of me.

this has to be punishment.
i can't breathe.
i can't cry.
i miss you ,

I want to breathe, it's painful here
The night staring into the darkness
A diver floating with a disease
Wanting to confirm that I am alive
Let us breathe again, going to the ocean floor

Am I broken ? I'm broken. But I still want to breathe. Can you see it ? Like my dreams, finals words are stuck- ERROR

I want to breathe them in like they're vapor 😍

i won't eat until you say you love me
i won't sleep until you can't sleep without me
i won't breathe until i take your breath away
i want to be alone but i want you to stay
- dandelion hands

Hanji Madoka
Hanji Madoka

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