Hot Vampire

one of the prettiest men alive who holds a light in my heart. Damon Salvatore, Boone Carlyle, Ian Somerhalder. no matter the name, he'll always be a man with a good heart.

Every girl want to see this 😂

Perfect boys😻👅💖

You can find all my crushes. Some of them are just for their beauty face but others for what they make me feel.
(i'm obsessed with Ian Somerhalder)
Hope you like it

Id like to live in the Greek islands -Paul Wesley
The thing I love about being an actor is the ability to travel and experience new cultures -Paul Wesley

gifts from God🙏🏼 just...perfection #blessed ♡

Mars Caramel
Mars Caramel

@marziacardello Salvatore brothers ❤️  


@grayskulltea I finished this the other day, to be honest I hadn't really heard about we heart it but whatever, let's see how this turns out!