Him Smile

I'm in love with him. His perfect smile, dorky ways, cute personality, how caring and sweet he is, I'll always love him

my tiny baby cinnamon apple :( my chocolate dipped strawberry :( my beautiful boy w a beautiful smile and a big golden heart :( i love him :(

Love is the smile you have when you think about him/her

Raven hair, dark eyes, a sly smile on her face. The devil in person stuck in her body.
Hecatia was a demon, one of the worst ones. Like a female Satan, but a little more funny.
But she was also curious. She was looking at the angel in a trenchcoat next to her, wondering about what he was thinking.
Castiel was a mystery. And she wanted to discover him. Whether he was good or not.

~ ♡ Annyeonghaseyo! ♡ ~
My collection made for the Pink Princess of BTS: Kim Seokjin! He's so pretty and he knows it, which makes me like him even more. Jinnie has plenty of jokes that can make anyone smile given the situation. He beams with love and always spreads happiness. Join the ARMY to love, support and protect our handsome Jin! Fighting! ❀
♡ xo · Chiimchi · xo ♡

~ ♡ Annyeonghaseyo! ♡ ~
My collection loyal only to my second bias of BTS: Min Yoongi! Truthfully speaking, no one has ever captured my attention like Suga has. He's so cute yet so savage like I really like him. His qualities are rare just like him. I love to see him smile along with all the other lovely Suga Stans and no doubt he will always be loved endlessly by us all. With that said join the ARMY to love, support and protect our beautiful Yoongi! Fighting! ❀
♡ xo · Chiimchi · xo ♡


@sara_R5_ his smile makes me smile😍😍😍  


@Kceniya_loli My cute boy...senpai 😢 My dear and beloved man 😢💞🌫