High Lord

High King Peter the Magnificent
"And to the Clear Northern Sky, I give you King Peter the Magnificent!" ―Aslan
Sir Peter Wolf's-Bane, Knight of Narnia- first member of the Most Noble Order of the Lion..
Emperor of the Lone Islands and Lord of Cair Paravel
"Shadow or spirit or whatever you are, if you are from Narnia, I charge you in the name of Aslan, speak to me. I am Peter the High King."―Peter Pevensie
One of the Seven Friends of Narnia

Low quality photos of our high quality man, the emo lord.

High Lord of the Night Court

the most powerful high lord to ever exist / high lord of the night court

"death incarnate. night triumphant.”

This collection shows my style and how i like to dress, i love the edgy, cool but at the same time cute look. Band tees, big baggy sweaters with some thigh high boots is absolutley adorable. Ripped jeans and a cute top with some sneakers = yes lord. This collection is 100% totally me!