High Cut

A collection of makeup looks inspired my high-quality brands and makeup artists, such as Jeffree Star, Patrick Starr, NikkieTutorials, and many more! 💅🏻 High-arched brows, cut-creases, falsies, and winged liner included!

This is a category is where I can't be normal as you'd say, luckily I have a high metabolism or I'd be a pile of all those mc nuggets and mc chicken sandwiches that I've eaten up in the passed just walking around, I love food!! Trying to cut back but I'm not impressing anyone.

parted lips, white thigh highs, central european avenues, tanned calves, mermaids, messy notebooks, cosy jumpers, diagonally cut sandwiches

Cool shoes only! heels, platform, high-cut and low-cut sneakers 😄


@Inkcherry High cut red one piece bathing suit