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this is luke.
»and sometimes, i have kept my feelings to myself, because i could find no language to describe them in«

Godlike, confident and special men

Messenger of the gods, god of trade, thieves, travelers, sports, athletes, border crossings, guide to the Underworld.

God of trade, wealth, luck, fertility, animal husbandry, sleep, language, thieves, and travel.

CHANEL... C.Louboutin, D&G, Hermes, Jimmy.C, Dior, Valentino, Gucci, Balmin, Cartier, Manolo.B, Louis Vuitton, SaintLaurent, Prada, Chloe, Sophia Webster... Just be a fashion addict !

The most timeless and elegant French luxury brand. Follow this collection if you love everything Hérmes.


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