He's Not Gay

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(I cannot stress enough that HE'S GAY! his husband wears plenty of dresses and makeup and has long hair, which is why I'll use the the pictures I use! they aren't meant to imply he's ever in relationships with women!)

20 y.o - gay/ace - he/him - a big crybaby | aiden's best friend

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Hi, I'm Tate. I'm dead. Want to hook up? I don't think so. 
The devil is real and he's not some little red man with horns and a tail, he can be beautiful because he's a fallen angel and he used to be god's favorite.
I'm dead, dear. Not stupid
Tell me, young man, have you ever heard the term 'Gay for Pay'?

ares pierpont_
constantly searching, hopelessly lost.
gay??? gay. he just wants to write and drink coffee.

when god hate gays
why did he make
Louis and Harry
so cute together?

I don't ship Sebastian with Ciel. I ship Ciel with Lizzy, but SEBASTIAN however... he is definitely (a top) gay ;)


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