Hayley And Elijah

Started by herself alone, then she came across her sister Emilee. She became a aunt and a Co-Alpha to The Crescent Wolfs Pack. And she found loved with Elijah Mikealson.

H2O is beautiful❤🐳🐋

niklaus 'klaus' mikaelson, elijah mikaelson, rebekah mikaelson, finn mikaelson, kol mikaelson, hayley marshall, marcel gerard, davina claire, josh rosza, vincent griffith & hope mikaelson

executive producers: julie plec & kevin williamson

Promise to always promise his family Elijah has done everything he could to keep his family intact and safe..Nobel, and Responsible comes with a price..In love with Hayley Marshall,Uncle to Hope,brother to Klaus, and Best friend- Brother to Emilee..

'' You almost died .In thousand years I can't recall a time a felt so.. frightened'. Elijah to Hayley


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