Happy New Years

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I LOVE this theme!
Different items, Different colours
These #carefree photos had inspired me to create a tumblr acc on ig like 2 years ago and I've always enjoyed grabbing different tumblr photos and colour coding them. Most ppl had followed and commented on my posts and that rlly made me rlly happy. Not bc of how much there was, but how much ppl that Ive inspired and especially making new online friends! I don't own my acc anymore but I do still enjoy posting pics like these!💜💜

Let's make this year shine!

new year - new chances

so long 16'
"Hope smiles from the threshold of the year to come, whispering, 'It will be happier.' "
-Alfred Lord Tennyson

The New Year is about the resumption.


@Chariot_ How has your 2017 been going?  


@Rajeevgupta87 Sayings Images For Happy New Year 2018  


@joejoe299 Toute l'équipede Vetality vousprésenteses meilleursvœuxpour cetteannée2015 et le meilleur pour vos animaux de compagnie!  


@aikatsukawaii 새해 복많이 받으세요