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Art doesn't involve just painting, dancing or music. It is all around us. It's the way someone is looking at you, sound of the wind blowing or somones laughter. Those precious moments when we are happy to be alive. It is indeed everywhere, you just have to find it, search for it all the time, because it makes our lives happier and more meaningful. Make art so we can all see happiness around us 🎨😄

happiness, for me, is a constant mind game. im always thinking i deserve it, then don't, wondering if it's even worth it. but im here to tell myself to step out of my own way, and to ALLOW myself to be truly joyous. i can be, it's just up to me.

kehlani parrish. kehlani has taught me to learn and let go and release my pain in a better way that doesn't harm myself and others. she has taught me to be free again and has created a piece of art that I can connect to. most importantly she has taught me happiness. 🌻

you make me happy in a way no one else can

You can approach this collection two ways. The first is by sulking because your crush asked out someone else. The second being that you're actually in a relationship and everything is happiness right now. Either way, enjoy!

Do you like traveling as much as me? I especially like the sunny destinations and nice festivals. Remember that happiness is a way of travel, not a destination so make memories 🌥🥂📸


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