don't you hate it? not ever really saying how you feel? ( statues aesthetic )

it's a sad world we were raised in
you can hate it
but what's the use?

Little brother of Nemesis in another life, reincarnate in another family.
He seems cheerfull and happy all the time and is friend with Kate. However, despite his childish, smiling look, he overthink a lot and care way too much about all the problems he and his friends have to face.
He have strange random powers, and have the natural hability to see the Grey World.

Daughter of Pansy Parkinson and Cormac Mclaggen.
Slytherin, Pansexual
(Original character) before anyone starts hating yes she looks like her mother but she is nothing like Pansy, in fact the only reason why she is in Slytherin is because she begged the sorting hat to be one.

Things that Im obsessed with, ranging from Buffy the Vampire Slayver (because Spike, duh, need I say more), Twenty One Pilots, Greek Mythology, Dan & Phil, and even Teen Wolf (ugh, sorry, I hate myself) if you scroll long enough. But the last two are phases I grew out of soooo don't worry.

i know that everyone hates him on teen wolf but he's still hot asf


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