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I watched some shows when I was little, and those were: Digimon, Pokemon, Yugi-Oh and Dragon Ball. But I was little so I wasn't that much interested in it. Two years ago I started liking anime. So the first anime I watched was Fairy Tail. Actually I found some pictures here on whi, and I got really curious, so i searched a little, and then started watching and I actually liked it. Shortly after I became interested in manga. And now I want to share my progress with you guys! Hope you like it!

everything i like and love like manga, mystic messenger, art,anime, hot guys smoking ,couples, creepypasta, killing stalking etc.❤❤❤💋

if I had to fuck a guy he'd have to live up to these standards

In Nuances of Time, a japanese guy leader of the clan that can manipulate white magic ( I call them the Shirois ).
Also the uncle of Anna Shuseki.

All images are from manga and anime materials. This collection is for "beautiful youth guy" in short Bishounen. Just wanna sum up with my black and white collections. I hope I'd filled up your cravings for these awesome looking guys!


@kyoya639 just because i don't say it doesn't mean I'm not hurt at all