Grunge Glow

Light, glow, neon

This collection is great, it's fun I've really enjoyed getting back into cyber glows, acids, aesthetics, ghetto, indie, all out bizarre rare lil characters waiting to be discovered! Isn't it about the hunt too? It's like treasures to me when I find that perfect 💗! I seem to not be so welcome to this genre. I don't know what I am doing to make ppl delete 💗's from me. I am never unfair, do I have to follow everyone? Sorry, if I made you upset. 💘

Teal ♢ Blue Green ♢ Black

Late Evening, Foggy, Cities, Urban, Rainy, Cloudy, Humid, Cold, Late Summer, Depression, Mood

for the times u need to chill

•Theme: BLUE🌀•


@ubercool she took the midnight train going anywhere  


@Sw33tooth яανєи нαιя αи∂ яυву ℓιρѕ ѕραякѕ fℓу fяσм нєя fιиgєятιρѕ