Green Alien

Kim Taehyung\V
age:21 on December 30,1995 in Daegu,South Korea
group: BTS\방탄소년단
blood type:AB
position:vocal\makane line\face
height: 1,78
family:dad,mom,young sister and young brother
favorite color:black,green and white
favorite number:10
he don't like being called an alien!

When I think of the Sign Gemini I think, Rainbows, Color, Space, Galaxies, Tie dye, Holographic, Trippy, Aliens, and Neon Green.

Gemini Aesthetic Collection. Feel free to send your suggestions for this collection threw postcard.

do you really want to live on Mars with an oxygen tank? no? me neither. and we can't count on aliens...yet.

take care of the Earth, we only have one.

Weird Alien Babe
*insert X-Files theme song here*

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Green is as unbelievable as Aliens 👽


@jumatsu_ichi Aliens