Goodbye Nina

Goodbye TVD😨💙
season 8, final, forever ❤

171 Episodes // 8 Seasons // One Last Goodbye.
• Thank you The Vampire Diaries •
#TVDFOREVER // 8 years of The vampire diaries. 🥀

Thank you and goodbye. |😢|

TVD was my life. TVD is my life. TVD will be my life. I won't ever be able to say goodbye. And I don't want to. TVD is a show about love, about friendship. About sacrifice. This show proves us that peace is exists-and after a long, happy life we'll find it. ~Rest in peace: The Vampire Diaries-2009-2017❤️

"hello john, goodbye john" A FRASE MAIS ÉPICA.

We will miss you Nina!
I love TVD and I think it's not the same without her...
Delena||Stelena||Friendships||Goodbye Tyler, too!


@NadineGirazi Nina Dobrev Says Goodbye to TVD's Elena During 2015 Teen Choice Awards