This collection includes all the bedroom and home ideas that go with every home's theme. Check this out for some trendy ideas that maybe you'd like to try out, or maybe just look around and enjoy the creativity. Either way, nobody can deny that all the rooms in this collection are worth a quick glance ;)

"Your glance sets it on fire
and its fruits of shade
are blood oranges
and pomegranates of flame"

Sometimes, words mean nothing while glances mean everything. 

To the actual love of my life. The boy that is always there for me at my worst times & makes me smile hard in my saddest. The boy who makes me feel some type of way with just his voice. The boy that's eyes I could get lost in every time I glance at him. I love you Maison. Thank you for being you 💞

the lady behind the gas station counter scrolls through her phone, oblivious to the noise outside thanks to her headphones. she only glances up from her phone as the automatic doors slide open and 3 people walk in.

Boys, just, boys. I don't have much to say I think you can come up with what I mean. In this here collection we've got ✨boys✨ those mysterious, hot creatures that can make you melt with just one glance. 😹😹 "I read wayyyy to much"


@Cloe900311 Kira and Lacus: a Comparison from the Original Animation to HD Remaster