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Travelling is my passion! I love visiting different countries and I feel I can really get inspiration of where to travel next through we heart it so I made this collection mainly for myself to go back on and look at different places and give myself new ideas. Although, the fact that other people love my collection is amazing and I'm glad I can find people passionate about travelling, the same as me! Enjoy the collection! 🌎❤️

Give me a cat and I'll be happy

[ give me love - ed sheeran ]
novel by Jane Austen

Bits and bobs that might give you an idea about me...

Some nice, clean, carefree pics that give me an artsy feel. Perfect for a mellow instagram theme~

Ariana Grande is my inspiration, everything. She taught me to follow my dreams and never give up on something that I love. My biggest dream is to meet her and I will never give up on that! Can't wait to meet her and be in her hug. 🙈

give me love

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Fer Negrini
Fer Negrini

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