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He is as dark, dangerous, and rugged as his appearance suggests. With eyes dark and mysterious as the other side of the moon, in both color and feeling, he is a ruthless, sinister, unsympathetic vampire. His lips take a darkly sensual twist in the presence of a beautiful woman, and his seductive confidence will make the one in his eyes flush all over.
When he targeted Elena, it began as a game of lust, possession, and power. By the end, he was irrevocably in love with her.

Based on the books.

A place for me to totally geek out over my obsession for this show.

look at that reference. Sherlock and fangirling over Sherlock

Dragons, swords, witches, dwarfs, kings and queens, unicorns, wars and magic, magic, magic

the game that took over everyone's life


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@luisama1625 They taught me the real thing, friendship is something very valuable and unique😍 I LOVE YOU GUYS💕