A little random collection of what my fashion taste is. What art styles draw my attention the most and what creative ideas are the most remembered in my mind. Full of all the quotes I hang onto the most and all the fandoms and people I adore are here. And memes, too!- Teardrop🌊

18, he doesn't label himself, depressed, full of anxiety, Otis's boyfriend, Drew and Jayson's brother, Half brother to Benny.

full of sketches, paintings, and artsy moments
🎨✨art is not only about how well you can draw on paper, but about how you use your creativity and imagination to make an impact

In a world full of temporary things you are my forever.

Small meaning full tattoos

I just wish one day I can travel around the world and meet lots of beautiful big and small cities, different people, different idioms and different stories. I wanna have a pocket full of wonderful experiences, photographies in my mind of the most colourful landscapes, the most amazing buildings.. I am a bird, why should I stay in one place forever?

full moon

@tracybernotas16 A nighttime moon creeping up  

full house

@rosie_duenas never have been to one