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pictures i uploaded from pinterest, tumblr, etc !!

Hi ! I really want to share these cute and beautiful pages of bujo from many tumblr, insta, pinterest...
Sorry if you follow this collection and you're upset by all the image that i heart in a little lapse of time. Didn't want to annoy you. Have fun and inspiration. xOxO

The pictures are from Instagram;Snapchat;Tumblre&Pinterest.

Hello there!! My name is Angie Silverio and I have created this collection as a form of a daily motivation and also as a piece of heaven to the people who love to read (I'm addicted to books 🙊) I hope you can find this collection helpful and enjoyable! Most of the pictures I use are from we💖it and also from Pinterest) Feel free to message me ☺️

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Pretty self explanatory 💁🏾pics are from Pinterest they are not mine😊

I don't own any of these photos. I just got them from tumblr, pinterest, and google. The photos in this collection are aesthetically beautiful to me and i hope to you too :D


@faithb921 30 cherry tomatoes?! Tomatoes taste so nasty to me, like the texture ew, the flavor ew. Anyways yay healthy!  


@sanamikokuro best ahs art pin😘♡♥♡♥  

Bloody Vanessa
Bloody Vanessa

@bloody_vanessa Love this picture  


@septemberintherain Eleanor Rigby | The Beatles