Friend Time

Charlie lives a careless life of parties, university, sex and friends, all that as she manages to keep her grades up, be a prima ballerina and have so many part-time jobs to pay her flat, while at the same time, has a secret identity as Briar Rose; an aclamed artist in Prague that unknowinglly makes herself friend with Arthur Mercier, the one frustrated writer whose been looking for her since the moment she cured his melancolly with her powerfull and meaningful paintings.

Little brother of Nemesis in another life, reincarnate in another family.
He seems cheerfull and happy all the time and is friend with Kate. However, despite his childish, smiling look, he overthink a lot and care way too much about all the problems he and his friends have to face.
He have strange random powers, and have the natural hability to see the Grey World.

to my day 1s, homies, bffs, soulmates, ride or dies whatever you really wanna call them. this is for us. to look & these & say "best friend goals" & to get photo inspo for the next time we take a pic.

If you're wondering: what if you could travel with a mad man in an appareantly safe machine which looks like a policeman blue box through the time and the space? Yeah... the answer is: I'd leave immediately, ofc. 💫 ━ Doctor Who? ━ Just the Doctor. Always the Doctor. 💫 Its bigger on the inside!! 
🎀 Rose became his lover. Martha became his support. Donna became his friend. Amy became his family. Clara became his saviour. 🎀

Noah, 16, Slytherin, plays piano, great photographer, sarcasm, caffeine, always on time, the mom friend, loves animals & taking care of plants.

We passed upon the stairs
We spoke of was and when
Althrough I wasnt there
He said I was his friend
Which came as a surprise
I spoke into his eyes : I thought you died alone... a long long time ago....

Look Singer
Look Singer

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@laura_kpop_heart Healthy Friendship Advices ♥  


@natshka Sometimes I wish I can turn back time, not to return things I have done wrong but to hug someone who isn't in my life anymore.  

Antonela Zuñega
Antonela Zuñega

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@pinkwham Can we be just like we used to?